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Ivan Sivak

About Me

I was born in August, 1985. in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2004. I finished School of Applied Art in Zagreb, Graphic Design Department. In 2011. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, in Animated Film and New Media Department. Since 2013. I am a member of Croatian Association of Artists. I live and work in Zagreb. My main focus are illustrations, concept art for games and comics. If you would like to see my other work, feel free to check my portfolio.

Silence Wanderers - webcomic  02

About the Silence Wanderers

It was ten years ago when I first started drafting ideas for the Silence Wanderers story. Initially I wanted to make a movie, so by 2005. I wrote a script and at that point I realized how much resources that kind of production would require: props, men, costumes and, of course, a big budget! So I started to consider a second option, an animated movie production. I did some quick calculations. Trilogy, at least 6 hours long, approximately 21 600 seconds, 260 000 frames in A2 animated standard! You see why that idea didn’t work out either.
And then it finally hit me: graphic novel is solution to my problems! It took me 18 months to illustrate 80 pages for the 1st graphic novel. The very same graphic novel was my final art project as I graduated from Academy of Fine Arts.
Story goes on. Three years ago I was inspired to continue with the story of Silence Wanderers. I wanted to share my creation with the rest of the world. That’s why I choose to create a webcomic. My aim is to reach comic lovers all over the globe, so they can enjoy new plots and characters completely free, anytime and anywhere!

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With Silence Wanderers I created a world with endless possibilities. Only limitations are of my own imagination. Also, I would like you to know that when the milestones for the world are set with the first few episodes, the stories that will follow will be interlaced with element of true events that touched me. Of my own, of those that I know, or strangers that shared their story with me. Silence Wanderers was for so many years but a dream within me, and finally I am honored that I can share it with the world.