webcomic Lineart and Coloring time-lapse

I always felt so inspired while watching other artists comic Lineart and Coloring time-lapse’s. While I am working on a page 8 of current second episode I decided that I would like to share with you all my process of doing those things.

Some previously drawn pages I created traditionally on paper to be scanned into digital format. However, soon I realized that I want more control on the lines. Example would be if I would like to achieve aerial perspective I would need to clean the line, cut it into separate layer and stuff to be sure that the line follows washed away colors around it. Big advantage with doing lineart digitally is that I can do whatever I want and while doing that I can also make mistakes.

silence wanderers lineart

For drawing comic lineart I strongly suggest SmithMicro’s Manga Studio 5 – for very acceptable price you get your paws on a software that is simply amazing for lineart. I adore the level of control over lineart that the software offers me. It is so clean, yet so alive! Check it out.

As for coloring, I am still loyal to my first love – Adobe’s Photoshop. I have tons of brushes but 90% of the time I use only around 5-7 brushes.

The videos that you watch were made by Open Broadcaster Software – an amazing tool for recording your screen and live streaming. This software is freaking awesome and most of all – it is free! Several days ago Silence Wanderers went online on Twitch TV! Updates on when I am live are posted Twitter and Facebook. For now no schedule is available, but that will change in time.

As always, if you like what you see and you would like to support Silence Wanderers project, please visit the link and become my patron of art on Patreon!


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