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The World

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  • T.I.C.True Indie Comic, this comic is independent, non-profit, donations based and most important of all – this webcomic is non-abiding to any rules that publishers usually apply in order to reach larger community of readers! I want to include stuff from the real world: strong language, trigger warnings, anti heroes, nudity, sex and sexual content,  use of alcohol and tobacco, violence, blood and gore… etc. Whatever it takes to tell the story, I will use it! Also, to describe different era or emotions, I will often change the visual style or add totally experimental elements to the style. So once again, welcome to the World of Silence Wanderers, enjoy your stay, read it at your own risk and expect the unexpected!

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  • Hybrid genre – Become immersed in an unique supernatural hybrid story over centuries of human history, and beyond. Join the characters and dive into the metaphysical and mysterious of this world and worlds beyond your imagination! Adventure, Supernatural, Horror, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Fantasy, Thriller… be prepared for the amazing ride throughout many popular genres!

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  • Semi-interactive storytellingYou decide what happens next at key points. But be warned; Each decision can have dire consequences on character’s… well-being. Using polls, readers will have huge impact on the world and the characters in it! Example would be when the characters run into trouble and I ask you – should they fight or flight? If in my script they need to run, and you vote for them to fight – I need to change the parts of the script, draw additional pages, and the price for your decision is that a character (or characters) might be wounded or even killed and it will be YOUR FAULT!

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  • Silence Wanderers episodes – Once the world is set, Silence Wanderers web comic will be consisted of stand-alone episodes within a larger story span. Even though separate episodes will be connected with details you’ll be able to read them without the need to know what happened before.

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